Our church was inaugurated on October 13th, 1910, with the inauguration sevice attended by the mayor of Schnackenburg, as well as several representatives of the municipal councilors’ council (Stadtverordnetenkollegiums). Since then, many generations of Christians have found a place where they can share their faith in God, in Daimlertraße 38 (which was formerly Moortwiete). For us, the Sunday service is the center of our community life. Here, besides the sermon, the guidence, comfort, and encouragement that the Bible offers, worship, prayer and communion are all very important. Church should be alive and faith should remain fresh. This happens only in community, where we can learn from God and from each other.


We are quite colorful, because not only are our events visited by people of many different nationalities and origins, but also Korean and Ethiopian-Eritrean fellowships meet in our church building. In addition, a Japanese church‘s playgroup and the Heinrich-Schütz choir meet in our rooms. Our Bible discussion group every Wednesday is quite colorful and always takes place with Farsi translation. On every second Thursday of the month, our “Joshua’s Kitchen” meets with the motto “cook and eat with people from around the world”. Now and then we will also hold concerts, lectures, films and exhibitions.

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You can also find us on Facebook at EFG Hamburg-Ottensen Josua Gemeinde, as well as at JOSHUA’S KITCHEN and if you want to liken or simply call our Pastor, Maurício da Silva Carvalho, at 040 39999474. He will certainly look forward to your call.